The television show Seinfeld (1989-1998) and its New York quartet has been analyzed and disassembled by authors in depth both during its run and in the present day. Writers have picked apart the antics of Jerry’s (Jerry Seinfeld) gang and placed their behavior under various behavioral umbrellas. One detail of the show that has been alluded to but not dealt with as acutely as others is that of the characters’ clothing. This aspect of the show is often subtle, but it has stood out as a barometer of their personas more so than any other aesthetic. Clothing choices say a lot about a character, Seinfeld is no exception to this. I will use numerous examples from the show including Jerry’s Nikes, George’s plaid, Elaine’s jackets, and Kramer’s hodgepodge of attire among other items to aid an analysis of who they actually are as characters and people in society, as well as how Seinfeld examines clothing codes as a whole.

The Motley New York Four

The Motley New York Four in “The Subway”


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